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Web Site
Cheddar Heads
8900 Pleasant Avenue
Newark, WI 53877
Doggone, Inc.
665 Lab Lane
Bowserville, WI 54321
Lose your dog? Call DogGone and we will find it for you!(605)144-6587Pets
Ed Edible Ants
882 Swarthy St
Delilah, IL 62323
Chocolate, Mint, Raspberry... We have them all!(815)234-5678DiningWeb SiteMap
Liniments & Things
6729 Third St.
Over There, WI 53587
We have liniments & oils for every ache and pain!(608)566-8522Vitamins
Mister Hams
321 Center St
South Beloit, IL 61080
We sell the finest quality pork products available. Ask about our delicious hams. (815)389-3553Grocery
Mixed Greens
901 Pasture Lane
Over There, WI 53587
Organic vegetables for every occasion.(608)566-0129DiningWeb SiteMap
Northern Climate
93831 East Riverside
Albany, IL 61554
Year round indoor skiing and snow boarding. Amazing 20 story climate controlled facility.(596)754-8555Recreation
Ramsies Quick Mart
E1323 Hwy 54
Austinson, IL 69874
Gas, Bait, Food, Beer, and Fishing/Hunting Licenses(233)949-0294Convenience Store
Smurfland, Inc
1444 South Hampton
Delilah, IL 62323
15 years giving Smurfs the BEST customer service!(815)-234-9876CollectiblesWeb SiteMap
Sport Stars
9587 Lipton Rd
Weston, IL 62555
Sports themed photography session. In your home or at our studio. No sitting fee!(847)923-0900Photography
The Happy Hippy
653 Wow Blvd.
Way Out, WI 53731
Details(608)655-8475Misc.Web SiteMap
Weston High School
43 Pine Lane
Weston, IL 62555
Serving Weston & Weston Ridge(847)234-5678School

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The Zip Codes for Kenosha are: 53140, 53141, 53142, 53143, 53144